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Review--Half a King

Half a King - Joe Abercrombie

This book had me turning pages late into the night, and it was worth it. You think you know the story--a prince who's the younger son and who's handicapped in a society of warriors is destined never to rule.


But then his world is turned upside down. You expect this to be a young man's journey of discovery and self-awareness as he gathers companions and has adventures on his road to adulthood. After all, we've all read Joseph Campbell and countless fantasy novels. We know where this is going.


Except Abercrombie pulls the rug out from beneath us, and I loved it. I loved seeing the paradigm subverted, I loved the secondary characters, I loved how truly flawed the hero was.


I'd be content if this is a stand-alone novel, but I noticed there are more "Shattered Sea" books coming. I hope the author will continue to astound me by subverting my expectations.