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I write award-winning historical romance about pirates, privateers, smugglers and the occasional possum.

First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones I really enjoyed this, far more than I thought I would. I figured I was past the whole paranormal/sassy heroine thing, but Ms. Jones injected some new life (heh) into the genre with her tale of Charley, a not-so-grim-reaper. Charley sees dead people. And she talks to them, and sends them to run errands, and uses them as adjuncts to her PI career, and when they're finally ready to go, she helps them move over to the other side. Her life is complicated by all kinds of stuff, including a dream man (no, really) and a rival PI who's kind of hot, and a disapproving stepmother, and various people trying to kill her.I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Kudos to Ms. Jones for mining fresh veins in this overworked genre.