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Darlene Marshall, author

I write award-winning historical romance about pirates, privateers, smugglers and the occasional possum.

The Shape of Desire - Sharon Shinn A bittersweet and intriguing love story that reminded me of The Time-Traveler's Wife. Dante is a shape-shifter who's had a relationship with Maria since they were in college. He can't control when he changes into an animal and the periods as a human are getting shorter, so they make of their love what they can when they can.Part of what I liked about this story was the ordinariness of Maria's life when she's not with Dante. She could be anyone's co-worker, anyone's sister, anyone's neighbor. Her secrets are deep and control her life, but she's willing to keep those secrets to have Dante.But when people start dying in a state park, mauled by what appear to be wild animal attacks, Maria has to look at Dante with fresh eyes and ask herself what she's willing to do for the man--or creature--she loves.This novel is unlike Shinn's previous work in the fantasy realm, but is engrossing. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this universe.