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I write award-winning historical romance about pirates, privateers, smugglers and the occasional possum.

Assassin's Gambit - Amy Raby As the rating indicates, I really enjoyed this debut paranormal/fantasy. The faux Roman setting was different than the usual medieval trappings, the heroine was intelligent, resourceful and not TSTL, and the hero was cunning and brave without being larger-than-life. In fact, as an amputee many sell him short thinking he can no longer be a warrior, but he proves a warrior's greatest asset can be his mind.The other thing I liked about the book was it passed the Bechdel Test (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bechdel_test) The two assassins, Ista and Vitala, have a complicated relationship that does not have a man at the center of it. I liked that, a lot.I'm looking forward to the next book in Ms. Raby's Hearts and Thrones series.TRIGGER WARNING--discussion of and scenes of sexual assault may be difficult for some readers.