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Darlene Marshall, author

I write award-winning historical romance about pirates, privateers, smugglers and the occasional possum.

How to Date a Henchman - Mari Fee This was great fun. A receptionist for a mysterious company on the Canadian prairie finds herself attracted to a hunky sidekick, who turns out to be an evil supervillain's henchman. Except the supervillain's not so evil. And the superhero's a douche. And the hunky sidekick? He's got possibilities. I laughed out loud at the snappy dialogue in this little gem, but my favorite line was this one: "All the internet is good for is instructions on how to build an army of cats and permanently defeat the tyranny of grammar." Static rolled his eyes. "'Take over the internet.' Who do you think I am? Super Nerd?"It's a lovely summer read, a break from reality that's quite satisfying. You can also follow the debate over who's more kick-ass, Ripley or Sarah Connor (Ripley, of course).