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I write award-winning historical romance about pirates, privateers, smugglers and the occasional possum.

The Lost - Vicki Pettersson The Lost is Pettersson's second book in her Celestial Blues series combining Rockabilly culture, noir detectives, classic Las Vegas and contemporary Las Vegas, with a good dose of the supernatural worked into the mix. Griff, the angel who started life as a detective killed 50 years ago in Vegas is back with his human girlfriend Kit, a newspaper reporter for whom being vintage isn't a lifestyle, it's a way of life. They're still trying to figure out who murdered Griff and his wife, but they're also trying to find out who's introduced a potent and fatal illegal drug into Sin City.Griff and Kit are an interesting couple, and Pettersson is growing their relationship along with the worldbuilding that makes this series so interesting. The author's insider view of Vegas brings her city to life, both the glitter and the garbage, and creates an exciting atmosphere for detective work by both the quick and the dead. I'm looking forward to seeing where their story goes from here.