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I write award-winning historical romance about pirates, privateers, smugglers and the occasional possum.

Blood of Tyrants - Naomi Novik First off, let me start with the important stuff: am I the only one shipping a romance between Captain Laurence and Emily Roland's duenna? Second, this book is a must read for any who've been following the entire series, but not a good place for new readers to pick up the action. I'm told this is the penultimate story in the Temeraire saga, so I'm anxiously awaiting the conclusion.In the meantime, Napoleon is invading Russia and finding himself bogged down, not just by Russians, but also by dragon troops brought in by England's ally, China. Japan dips a toe into the fray, but is more concerned about Chinese hegemony than Napoleon, and Temeraire is going to be a daddy.That's about all until book #9. Read Blood of Tyrants if you're a fan, otherwise go back and start reading with His Majesty's Dragon.